Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)

Don’t play that song, Una cover dedicata a mio padre che adora A. Celentano che l’ha riproposta come tanti artisti internazionali.

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Don’t play that song for me
‘Cause it brings back memories
Of days that I once knew
The days that I spent with you
Oh no, don’t let it play
It fills my heart with pain
Please stop it right away
‘Cause I remember just-a what he said
He said: “darling, I love you”
I know that he lied
“Darling, I love you”
You know that you lied
“Darling, I love you”
You know that you lied, you lied,
You lied, lied, lied, lied
Hey mister, don’t play no more
Don’t play no more
I remember on our first date
He kissed me and he walked away
I was only seventeen
I never dream he’d be so mean
He told me: Darling, I love you
Baby baby you lied
Darling, I need you
You lied
Darling, I love you
You know that you lied, lied, lied

Cover Song By Luigi Litti

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